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About our knowledge network

You are an enterpreneur and want to be able to focus on your company's core business. At United Experts, we believe that it is important to help you determine your strategy or support your administration in a practical and proactive way. We are a true knwoledge network with over twenty years of experience - our expertise can be the foundation for accomplishing your plans.

All of the staff at United Experts promote the same values and principles. That is what makes our company unique. In addition, we are - and always will be - an open network. New entrepreneurs who share our values and principles are welcome to join our group. 

Values and principles

Proactive and solution-oriented

We offer a challenging working environment that provides solutions to problems. Our aim is to turn your plans into reality. We take your concerns about administration and legislation out of your hands. We find out all there is to know about the necessary legislation and keep a finger on the pulse for any possible amendments. This means that you can concentrate on doing business. At the same time, we advice our clients going forward into the future: we don't stop at solving current issues, we look beyond what is happening today.

Assertive and persevering

Our staff knows how to stick with it. They are all brilliant in their respective fields. Your expert or consultant will always look for the best solution for your plan. They are not afraid of discussing issues and they don't avoid obstacles. In other words, they are positively assertive.

Reliable and ethical

As our client, you can trust our staff. They are dedicated to your project and will always act correctly and honestly, you can always count on their integrity and appropriate approach to your plan. We go to great lengths to help you, but we are always upfront about the limits as to what is and is not achievable.

Pragmatic and expert

As an entrepreneur, regardless of which sector you work in, you have dreams and plans. Or you may sometimes be confronted with a problem. Our staff will always offer you pragmatic solutions and suggestions. Thanks to ongoing training, we always have a problem-solving mindset. We know our business in depth, so we can offer a customised solution for each type of company.

Who we are?

The first experts were busy doing what they do best as far back as 1996. Read more about our history.

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Autonomous teams

With the EFS project, United Experts wants to do the necessary preparations to start working on base of autonomous teams

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